The Main Factors Behind The Electronic Component Shortage


There can be an electronic components shortage from time to time. There are many factors that are involved with these incidents. For those that have never had this problem before, such as going to a store and finding what you want, you should know that this could happen. In some cases it has to do with the raw materials that are used to create the different components that are created. There are also problems associated with the manufacturing of the products at the factories where they are made. Additional problems will include workers that are on strike, and also a significant search in the need for certain components that are in high demand. Let’s look at some of these main factors behind electronic components shortages that have happened over the years.

A Lack Of Based Components

When you are creating different components, such as an integrated circuit, you need to have the raw materials that are used. For example, if there is a shortage of silicon that is used in the creation of many of these products, they will not be able to create as many of them. The same could be true for the aluminum, steel, or even the plastic or PVC that may be used in the creation process. When the base components are not available, the production is going to be either very slow or nonexistent.

A Surge In Demand

Although this is typically reserved for other types of products that are more mainstream, this can happen to electronic components as well. There might be a company that decides to become a top manufacturer, or perhaps seasoned businesses are going to create completely different product lines. This demand for the components they will need will cause an instant shortage. This will lead to their lack of availability. Sometimes these are planned, but in most cases, it is something that the manufacturer was not expecting.

Resistance From Workers

As with any company in the world, there can always be problems with management and the workers. In many cases, workers may strike or do something similar to slow down production. In countries where there is no union, this is unlikely to occur. That is because they will simply replace the workers that they are going to fire. However, if upper management decides to do this, or if there is a problem with the Board of Directors, you can also have these situations occur.

There are so many factors behind electronic components shortages. In fact, in 2017, and on into 2018, they realized that the shortage was not just about demand. They quoted many different factors working together including supply chain disruptions, production capacity, and also changes that have been recently made in different components. This actually affected companies as large as Apple which had to delay the release of a product because of these delays. However, the main problem is likely capacity constraints due to higher demand, coupled with mergers and acquisitions. Hopefully this problem which is currently occurring will resolve itself soon. Companies may need to expand quickly to accommodate the needs of so many people in the world, including countries such as China and India which are expanding the use of smart phones like never before.To know more contact us or visit the website at