Lawn Care 101: Five Tips For Luscious Green Grass


    Are you looking for some effective tips to help keep your lawn looking luscious, thick and green year-round?

    Here are 5 Tips That You Should Find Helpful:

    1. Consider using seasonal supplement products like Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care. This product helps to toughen up new grass growth so that it is better able to survive during harsh winter weather conditions. One of the main ingredients is sustainably-sourced seaweed, which helps to promote root establishment. The reason why the product contains iron sulphate is because that chemical compound helps control autumn moss.

    When you use Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care as directed by the manufacturer the results are super-fast. Indeed, within 7 days you will notice moss death and after 14 days have passed all of the dead moss can be thoroughly raked out of your lawn. The ideal time to use this product is between September and November. Ideally, the grass needs to be dry and the ground frost-free. Keep in mind that you should avoid using the product around foliage and it should only be applied to lawns older than 3 months. The maximum individual dose is 10oz per square yard.

    2. Completely remove all weeds from your lawn. Weeds are soil nutrient robbers, so it’s important to complete eradicate them from your garden if you want areas of thick, healthy grass. Manually uprooting them is the most effective removal method, but it can be time intensive. Consequently, you might prefer to invest in sprayable weed killers. That said, it is important to note that most chemical-based weed killers are toxic to pets and wildlife.

    3. Make sure your lawn has enough water. During the dry seasons, you may need to water your lawn to keep it healthy. Fortunately, there are now many great programmable sprinkler systems in the marketplace and by investing in one of those you don’t have to even think about watering your grass. The sprinkler system will automatically be activated after a set period of time without rainfall.

    Luscious Green Grass

    4. Cover bald patches with seeds or turf strips. Barron land looks unsightly, but grass can’t grow if there are no roots in the ground. The fastest way to treat thin patches in lawns is to lay down new turf strips. However, the cheapest way to fix such a problem is to sprinkle some high-quality grass seeds on the area and top with fortified compost.

    5. Don’t allow grass to become overgrown. In order to have a lawn that is attractive to the human eye and an asset to your family home, you need to keep it well maintained. This means you need to invest in a good lawnmower and keep grass areas well-trimmed. Overgrown landscapes serve only to lower a home’s curbside appeal.


    There is more to achieving a perfect lawn than we have space to detail in this article. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to maintaining your garden and cultivating a beautiful landscape, you might want to consider contacting a professional lawn care company for professional lawn care mowing services.