How to Enjoy Outdoor Concerts In The Heat of Summer


Remain hydrated. This really is really fundamental Water. Water. Drink lots of it, drink it before you go out, when you are on the metro, drink it, drink it while you are outside, when you are going to leave, drink it. It is calorie and tasty and affordable -free and truly am I having to discuss the advantages of water in the year 2017? Come on. Only drink water. You can possibly have a Vitamin Water there and here, but stick to the clear things for the large part.

“Hydrated” means “water,” and not “booze.” Ah, the bait of day drinking on a stretched out summer weekend afternoon—it is so tempting, particularly since CBGB Fest has a spirits festival. But indulging to excess in alcohol during a scorching day means being totally wiped out by the time the nighttime—and somewhat cooler temperatures — roll.

Have a little salt in case you sweat a good deal. Copious perspiring may cause a reduction in sodium amounts that are private, and you would like to keep that balance in check. (Notice: Anyone who would like to challenge the preceding directive with “but what about a salt-rimmed margarita?” is fired.)

Wear loose-fitting and light clothes, and perhaps a hat. And actually, fuck “street design” blogs anyhow.

And sunblock. I’ve lived two outside festivals this summer so far thanks to this amazing spray sunblock that continues for a lengthy time, although I’m by nature an extremely light man. SPF 35, and after being outside for hours in the sun I just got a whole lot of no day and freckles -after pain.

Locate shade. Although Times Square definitely has quite a number of mall imports where you can while away some time in Arctic degrees of air conditioning, this will definitely be simpler at some places than many others. (The artwork installment in P.S. 1’s courtyard this summer, Wendy, will have shadowed places as well as water sprays sitting in spots with perfect lawn care.)

Do not get overly caught up in a mosh pit. Shows are for dancing, and yes, you ought to indulge in some, however do not get so mad that you wear yourself out and go into heatstroke mode. Notice, additionally, that crowdsurfing is an effective strategy to find a fast wind.

Understand your limits. In the event that you are feeling bad—head aches, dizziness, weakness, nausea—and go home, or locate shade, or purchase yourself a giant bottle of water that you simply are not going to share no manner, or you merely want to sit down, just do it. Because narratives about being hurried to the hospital are interesting but not lots of fun to live through.