The special relationship between arts and jazz music has been enjoyed by cultures around the world. In the early Greek civilization, the close connection between music and visual arts are visible in the lyrical quality of their poetry as well as in the painted pottery. Today, this close ties can be seen in the 20th century American Art.

Jazz became a source of inspiration not only by writers but also by visual artists. They adopted the “bop” and “beat” style rhythms of jazz in the compositions and representations of their works. The work of artists such as Roman Beard is a basic example. Most of his works are punctuated with the rhythmic fluctuations of jazz music. Obviously, he loves jazz music because he believed that this music was directly related to his identity as an African-American artist. Other artists such as Russian painter Wannily Kanzidinsky visually highlighted the intimate connections between art and music in his abstract work. This is despite the fact that he does not even speak directly about jazz music. He said that both art and music can cause a spiritual reaction from the viewer or listener.

Many artists and writers made jazz as their inspiration because of its spontaneous characteristics and improvization. Jazz likewise became important to African-American artists and writers as they consider it as their own musical language. In fact, Bearden said that jazz is a representation of his self being a black person.

While 20th century artists have different reasons for adopting jazz in their works, the fact remains that there is a close relationship between art and music even in the modern time.

Listening to an amazing jazz musician is a lot like the getting the perfect massage.

Jazz music began in the US hundreds of years ago. African-Americans, who worked as slaves, made up songs to express themselves and their African culture and tradition. Although, this was not officially called jazz music at that time, the special effects of this music to the people listening made its name popular in the early 1900s. Jazz music became highly known in the 1920s and was loved by Americans and Africans as their past time. This popularity had reached across Europe and even in Africa.

Jazz is different compared to other music because of the word “improvization.” That means you are free to play without relying on a music sheet. You just have to use your imagination and creativity while playing.

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