All That Jazz: The Art of Jazz Music

The special relationship between arts and jazz music has been enjoyed by cultures around the world. In the early Greek civilization, the close connection between music and visual arts are visible in the lyrical quality of their poetry as well as in the painted pottery. Today, this close ties can be seen in the 20th century American Art.

Jazz became a source of inspiration not only by writers but also by visual artists. They adopted the “bop” and “beat” style rhythms of jazz in the compositions and representations of their works. The work of artists such as Roman Beard is a basic example. Most of his works are punctuated with the rhythmic fluctuations of jazz music. Obviously, he loves jazz music because he believed that this music was directly related to his identity as an African-American artist. Other artists such as Russian painter Wannily Kanzidinsky visually highlighted the intimate connections between art and music in his abstract work. This is despite the fact that he does not even speak directly about jazz music. He said that both art and music can cause a spiritual reaction from the viewer or listener.

Many artists and writers made jazz as their inspiration because of its spontaneous characteristics and improvization. Jazz likewise became important to African-American artists and writers as they consider it as their own musical language. In fact, Bearden said that jazz is a representation of his self being a black person.

While 20th century artists have different reasons for adopting jazz in their works, the fact remains that there is a close relationship between art and music even in the modern time.

Listening to an amazing jazz musician is a lot like the getting the perfect massage.

Jazz music began in the US hundreds of years ago. African-Americans, who worked as slaves, made up songs to express themselves and their African culture and tradition. Although, this was not officially called jazz music at that time, the special effects of this music to the people listening made its name popular in the early 1900s. Jazz music became highly known in the 1920s and was loved by Americans and Africans as their past time. This popularity had reached across Europe and even in Africa.

Jazz is different compared to other music because of the word “improvization.” That means you are free to play without relying on a music sheet. You just have to use your imagination and creativity while playing.

Best Way To Position Bike Lights


    One of the best way to accessorize your bike is to add bike lights. Bike lights make your bike easier to see at night and the lights are going to look good on your bike as well. There are many different types of bike lights you can buy. Some lights go on the spokes of your wheels while others mount to your bike. The type of lights you buy are going to depend on the type of look you like.

    Tips to Buy The Right Type of Bike Lights

    If you ride your bike at night it is very important that you have lights. Your chances of getting into an accident are much higher if you don’t have lights on your bike. Your reflectors are going to help but they are not quite enough to help you. You want cars to be able to see you riding at night as clearly as possible so you don’t end up getting into an accident.

    You could seriously hurt if you get into an accident at night and you want to make sure that you are going to be very visible at night. Bike lights are also fun because you can buy them in a variety of colors and styles. You can find blinking lights and lights that make other patterns so that your bike is a lot of fun to ride.

    The lights that go in the wheels look really cool as well and they can be a great investment in your bike. The price of the lights is going to depend on the types of lights that you buy and you can spend as little or as much as you want. The lights are going to add style to your bike and they are worth the price. You should always make sure that you spend some time comparing prices so you get the best deal for your bike lights.

    Benefits of Buying Bike Lights Online

    One of the best places to buy the lights is online. You can browse a variety of different styles and the prices are usually lower. You can find some great deals when you shop online and there are always different deals you can take advantage of. You might try to shop sales if you really want to save money. When you buy your bike lights make sure that they are going to fit your bike and you should also make sure the lights are in your price range.

    You should be prepared to stock up on batteries if the lights run on batteries. Some lights are solar and the solar lights are Eco-friendly and fun to use. Bike lights make your bike look better and they also make your bike safer. You should always add lights to your bike and you are going to have more peace of mind when you ride your bike if you have lights. Lights are a great investment and they are going to add a lot to your bike. You are going to have more fun riding your bike when you have a good set of lights. Visit for more information.

    The Main Factors Behind The Electronic Component Shortage


    There can be an electronic components shortage from time to time. There are many factors that are involved with these incidents. For those that have never had this problem before, such as going to a store and finding what you want, you should know that this could happen. In some cases it has to do with the raw materials that are used to create the different components that are created. There are also problems associated with the manufacturing of the products at the factories where they are made. Additional problems will include workers that are on strike, and also a significant search in the need for certain components that are in high demand. Let’s look at some of these main factors behind electronic components shortages that have happened over the years.

    A Lack Of Based Components

    When you are creating different components, such as an integrated circuit, you need to have the raw materials that are used. For example, if there is a shortage of silicon that is used in the creation of many of these products, they will not be able to create as many of them. The same could be true for the aluminum, steel, or even the plastic or PVC that may be used in the creation process. When the base components are not available, the production is going to be either very slow or nonexistent.

    A Surge In Demand

    Although this is typically reserved for other types of products that are more mainstream, this can happen to electronic components as well. There might be a company that decides to become a top manufacturer, or perhaps seasoned businesses are going to create completely different product lines. This demand for the components they will need will cause an instant shortage. This will lead to their lack of availability. Sometimes these are planned, but in most cases, it is something that the manufacturer was not expecting.

    Resistance From Workers

    As with any company in the world, there can always be problems with management and the workers. In many cases, workers may strike or do something similar to slow down production. In countries where there is no union, this is unlikely to occur. That is because they will simply replace the workers that they are going to fire. However, if upper management decides to do this, or if there is a problem with the Board of Directors, you can also have these situations occur.

    There are so many factors behind electronic components shortages. In fact, in 2017, and on into 2018, they realized that the shortage was not just about demand. They quoted many different factors working together including supply chain disruptions, production capacity, and also changes that have been recently made in different components. This actually affected companies as large as Apple which had to delay the release of a product because of these delays. However, the main problem is likely capacity constraints due to higher demand, coupled with mergers and acquisitions. Hopefully this problem which is currently occurring will resolve itself soon. Companies may need to expand quickly to accommodate the needs of so many people in the world, including countries such as China and India which are expanding the use of smart phones like never before.To know more contact us or visit the website at

    5 Tips For Cleaning Your Electronic Parts


    Cleaning electronic parts is sometimes essential. If you ever find yourself needing to do this, then you’ll want to keep a few tips in mind. Below are a handful of tips for cleaning electronic parts.

    Unplug whatever gadget you plan on working on because the last thing you want is to expose yourself to a potential safety hazard. While you’re at it, consider removing the battery because you want to de-energize the part you are going to clean and this will make cleaning it a lot easier. Plus, you will be safeguarding the gadget and parts you are cleaning. Regardless of how small or large the electronic you want to take apart to clean, you’ll want to make sure you unplug it and take out its battery.

    Specifications are provided by the manufacturer and you want to make sure you find out what those specifications are. Failing to do so may result in you causing damage to the electronic you are looking on. Furthermore, you want to take the time to remove any debris or dust that is present on the circuit board, which you can do by using compressed air. If you cannot find the specifications that came along with the electronic, then go online and see if you can find it, and then you can start disassembling the electronic so you can clean its parts.

    Use A Piece Of Cloth

    Take a cotton swab and dip it into isopropyl alcohol, but do not soak the parts you are cleaning. Instead, take the cotton swab and start to go over the circuit board and parts you are cleaning and be very careful to not get pieces of cotton stuck to any of the parts or the circuit board. Keep doing this until the circuit board and the part you are cleaning is visibly clean.

    Next, you want to use a piece of clothing, make sure it’s non-static, and use that to clean other components of the electronic you are working on. Feel free to put a little bit of alcohol on the piece of clothing, and make sure you thoroughly wipe the part you are cleaning. The reason you want to use cloth that is non-static is because you don’t want to short-circuit anything.

    Go About Drying Your Parts

    Finally, you have to dry your parts and make sure the rest of the electronic is completely dry. After it has become dried, then you can energize it again, but don’t worry because the process should only take a few minutes. There are a number of ways to go about drying your parts, such as using a dry non-static cloth or you can air dry it, but the choice is up to you as to which method you decide to use.

    Some of the above tips may seem like commonsense information, but a lot of people don’t know about them. Sure, they may seem like little things, but they are all important. By keeping the above tips in mind, you should have an easier time cleaning your electronic parts. To know more about electronic parts visit here or contact us.

    Lawn Care 101: Five Tips For Luscious Green Grass


      Are you looking for some effective tips to help keep your lawn looking luscious, thick and green year-round?

      Here are 5 Tips That You Should Find Helpful:

      1. Consider using seasonal supplement products like Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care. This product helps to toughen up new grass growth so that it is better able to survive during harsh winter weather conditions. One of the main ingredients is sustainably-sourced seaweed, which helps to promote root establishment. The reason why the product contains iron sulphate is because that chemical compound helps control autumn moss.

      When you use Evergreen Autumn Lawn Care as directed by the manufacturer the results are super-fast. Indeed, within 7 days you will notice moss death and after 14 days have passed all of the dead moss can be thoroughly raked out of your lawn. The ideal time to use this product is between September and November. Ideally, the grass needs to be dry and the ground frost-free. Keep in mind that you should avoid using the product around foliage and it should only be applied to lawns older than 3 months. The maximum individual dose is 10oz per square yard.

      2. Completely remove all weeds from your lawn. Weeds are soil nutrient robbers, so it’s important to complete eradicate them from your garden if you want areas of thick, healthy grass. Manually uprooting them is the most effective removal method, but it can be time intensive. Consequently, you might prefer to invest in sprayable weed killers. That said, it is important to note that most chemical-based weed killers are toxic to pets and wildlife.

      3. Make sure your lawn has enough water. During the dry seasons, you may need to water your lawn to keep it healthy. Fortunately, there are now many great programmable sprinkler systems in the marketplace and by investing in one of those you don’t have to even think about watering your grass. The sprinkler system will automatically be activated after a set period of time without rainfall.

      Luscious Green Grass

      4. Cover bald patches with seeds or turf strips. Barron land looks unsightly, but grass can’t grow if there are no roots in the ground. The fastest way to treat thin patches in lawns is to lay down new turf strips. However, the cheapest way to fix such a problem is to sprinkle some high-quality grass seeds on the area and top with fortified compost.

      5. Don’t allow grass to become overgrown. In order to have a lawn that is attractive to the human eye and an asset to your family home, you need to keep it well maintained. This means you need to invest in a good lawnmower and keep grass areas well-trimmed. Overgrown landscapes serve only to lower a home’s curbside appeal.


      There is more to achieving a perfect lawn than we have space to detail in this article. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to maintaining your garden and cultivating a beautiful landscape, you might want to consider contacting a professional lawn care company for professional lawn care mowing services.

      The Answer To Where To Invest In Real Estate Is More Strategic Than You Think


      Many people ask where they should invest in real estate. There are certainly specific areas that provide more opportunities than others. There are even areas of the country and the world that you want to avoid. However, I want to challenge your way of thinking when it comes to the best areas to invest in real estate. I’m going to use the stock market to change the way you invest in 3cre Dayton Real Estate.

      The Real Estate Market

      Let me start by explaining something about the real estate market. A little over a decade ago, the real estate market and the economy in general took a huge hit. Property values just tanked after the housing bubble crisis. Interest rates went down, too, but that was one small light in the midst of a mess. There reset to the housing market caused a major readjustment and a new way to look at real estate, again.

      Property values we’re back to normal levels, interest rates were lower and new growth was expected to be much slower. That is definitely what has happened. Yet, anyone oblivious to the housing bubble crisis might still suggest that home values in many areas are high. That is because they were so inflated before that it was ridiculous. Furthermore, home values now are as high as they can be without causing another housing crisis.

      Investing In Real Estate

      So let me me explain two things. First, it could be argued that many property values are still too high. Second, whether they are or not, some people are searching out the areas that have the best opportunities. Each point I made seems to service the other; however, I am about to tear that wall down. Watch this.

      First of all, when investing in real estate, you need diversification, just like with the stock market. Also just like with the stock market and the prices of securities being mostly at all-time highs, it was mentioned that the real estate market can still be viewed similarly. So what should be your approach?

      You could still search out the best areas to invest in real estate, but you can’t trust that every commercial property is really sold at a discount. You have also been told that you need to diversify. Since the stock market and real estate market are both at all-time highs, it is better to search out individual deals based on more parameters then trust an entire area or city when it comes to the real estate market. You have to really dig deep and find individual value in each property, just like I dig deep and find value in each stock as an investor. Genuinely buy low when others are buying high.

      Where To Get The Best Tailing Games Available


      Do you currently have a son or daughter that is going to have a birthday party? If you do, you might want to consider tailing games. You have probably played pin the tail on the donkey, which can be fun, but you can modify this in many different ways. You can have them pinning the tail on different objects, people, or finding a way to make it interactive. Here are a couple of ideas on where to find information on tailing games, and which games you might want to try.

      What Are Tailing Games?

      In the beginning, this was a physical game that was played by children. There was a spot where they had to pin something to a wall. Sometimes pin the tail on the donkey was a game that was played, but it was modified in many different ways. You could have the United States on the wall, and someone would try to come close to a randomly picked city. Either way, these have been modified to digital games that people can play on their tablet computers, or even on their PC.

      How Do You Find The Latest Ones?

      You can find the latest ones by searching on the web for tailing games and you will find several that you can try. Some of them are designed to appeal to children, whereas others may appeal to adults. After you have found a couple of websites where you can play, you should bookmark them on your computer, or download the app to your tablet computer or smart phone. This will allow you to play the game very easily anytime you want to, and also get updates when they come out. Just make sure that you have updates turned on so that you can also update your current games. For more details click here:

      Turn Cornhole Into A Drinking Game At The Bar With Friends


      Corn hole sounds like a fun drinking game to play at the bar, don’t you think? It kind of fits in with darts and billiards and other games that people like to play. Often times, you usually see people drinking and playing corn hole on the beach or in the park, as well as various other places. It can be played at the bar, too, though. Have you ever seen a cornhole board set up at a bar?

      Come All Play All

      Perhaps you currently frequent a bar that does not have one. That is a great opportunity for you to speak to the owners of the bar and have one set up for tournaments. Can you imagine how much fun that would be? It would be a blast for sure, and you can get your friends to come along and play as well. It could be that you convince the bar owner that a corn hole board would draw in a lot more business.

      It certainly seems like it would get some attention for sure. Instead of just hosting tournaments, you can also choose to make cornhole a drinking game. There are all kinds of ways to make that happen. Maybe you have thought of some ideas in the past, or perhaps you are going to use rules you found online.

      Fun to Play

      You can also just get together with your friends and make up rules for a using the corn hole boards. That actually sounds like the most fun outside the tournaments that the bar might host itself. All you have to do is show up the borrower. Some friends grab a few drinks and head on over to the corn hole board. While you’re having that much fun, make sure you get in practice for the tournament too. You could be the new cornhole champion next time, you never know.

      Cornhole Board Decals Really Make A Statement


      Are you planning on making your own cornhole game board? Every season, I see plenty of those corn hole boards make. It is a popular game here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As a matter of fact it appears to be one of the most popular games for vacationers in general. People also get highly competitive when it comes to cornhole and they make their own boards to. While they don’t have to be perfectly constructed, you do on yours to look good. That being said you can check out cornhole board decals that you can use.

      cornhole board decals

      Make Your Cornhole Board Look Elegant

      Are you building a cornhole board right now? If so you want it to look right. If so you want it to look right, and you also want it to function properly. If you don’t put a Lightning Cornhole board together the right way you might as well just buy one. Of course, it sounds much better to make one a. It might even be the best board you, your family and friends have ever played on.

      cornhole board decals

      Look for Items That Can be Put on Board

      Look at all the details that are available in what you could put on your board. Think about your passions or what statements you will make with that corn hole board. Maybe you’re going to plan on taking it with you on spring break and want to put college decals all over it. Maybe you want to put your favorite sports team or your favorite music group. Or perhaps you want to look at more generic decals, but ones that represent your interests. The board you make design and decorate will last for years. It will be a board that you can take with you on many trips and use for many different special events. Considering your board is going to be a homemade one, those decals will really dress it up.

      Purchasing Commercial Property


      The Top Pros Of Purchasing Commercial Property

      There are many pros to purchasing commercial property. If you have been thinking about buying commercial real estate, then you should definitely do it. Before you start looking for property to buy, read the rest of this article because it will go over some of the pros.

      Dayton Oh Commercial Property For Sale

      Potential Income

      The income potential on commercial properties is tremendous. If you own one piece of commercial property and you rent it out to a business owner that is established, then you could be paid a lot of money every single month. Depending on the type of commercial property you buy, you can expect a lot of interest in it, which means massive profits.

      Believe it or not, but commercial properties tend to be easier to manage than residential properties. When you buy and rent out commercial property, usually you don’t have to worry about getting calls in the middle of the night. This is not the case with tenants of residential properties, as they live in the properties and when an emergency arises, they are likely to call the landlord right away. That is just one example of how it is easier to manage a commercial property than a residential property.

      Commercial Investments

      When you buy a commercial property, then you can offer tenants longer lease terms. Most business owners or soon-to-be business owners don’t have a problem with signing long leases and many actually prefer to. This means you can count on income coming in on a regular basis for a longtime to come.

      Income potential, longer lease terms and ease of management are the top benefits of purchasing commercial property in Dayton. There are a lot of other pros that weren’t discussed. If you want to experience all the benefits of buying commercial property, then start searching for commercial real estate and then buy the one you find the most appealing.

      How to Enjoy Outdoor Concerts In The Heat of Summer

      outdoor concerts

      Remain hydrated. This really is really fundamental Water. Water. Drink lots of it, drink it before you go out, when you are on the metro, drink it, drink it while you are outside, when you are going to leave, drink it. It is calorie and tasty and affordable -free and truly am I having to discuss the advantages of water in the year 2017? Come on. Only drink water. You can possibly have a Vitamin Water there and here, but stick to the clear things for the large part.

      “Hydrated” means “water,” and not “booze.” Ah, the bait of day drinking on a stretched out summer weekend afternoon—it is so tempting, particularly since CBGB Fest has a spirits festival. But indulging to excess in alcohol during a scorching day means being totally wiped out by the time the nighttime—and somewhat cooler temperatures — roll.

      Have a little salt in case you sweat a good deal. Copious perspiring may cause a reduction in sodium amounts that are private, and you would like to keep that balance in check. (Notice: Anyone who would like to challenge the preceding directive with “but what about a salt-rimmed margarita?” is fired.)

      Wear loose-fitting and light clothes, and perhaps a hat. And actually, fuck “street design” blogs anyhow.

      And sunblock. I’ve lived two outside festivals this summer so far thanks to this amazing spray sunblock that continues for a lengthy time, although I’m by nature an extremely light man. SPF 35, and after being outside for hours in the sun I just got a whole lot of no day and freckles -after pain.

      Locate shade. Although Times Square definitely has quite a number of mall imports where you can while away some time in Arctic degrees of air conditioning, this will definitely be simpler at some places than many others. (The artwork installment in P.S. 1’s courtyard this summer, Wendy, will have shadowed places as well as water sprays sitting in spots with perfect lawn care.)

      Do not get overly caught up in a mosh pit. Shows are for dancing, and yes, you ought to indulge in some, however do not get so mad that you wear yourself out and go into heatstroke mode. Notice, additionally, that crowdsurfing is an effective strategy to find a fast wind.

      Understand your limits. In the event that you are feeling bad—head aches, dizziness, weakness, nausea—and go home, or locate shade, or purchase yourself a giant bottle of water that you simply are not going to share no manner, or you merely want to sit down, just do it. Because narratives about being hurried to the hospital are interesting but not lots of fun to live through.